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November 2012

@tomgiddings omg that has to be a euphemism. @grayhaze would have been arrested for being too excitable!

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@FrancescaHeath @MelKirk northeast indian. where the tigers live.

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@Timato_ bed time movie fun… are lots of porno’s bluray now then ;)

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once again, evening plans ruined.

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27 minutes in and i now have 2 problems instead of one and going backwards. glad i’m not paying for this damn phone call.

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@jennalou_k i’m not sure i would. his dancing? eek!

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i think @boffbowsh loved it really, jumping around with his hands up in the air cc/ @jennalou_k

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some people really get my goat. if i had a goat that is. if i did have a goat, and it got got, i’d be annoyed. goat out.

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@System_Sagepay can i ask you actually tell us you’re seeing them in the first place next time!

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must remember not to get home and start drinking. have to collect parents from LHR later!

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has nearly rebuilt my iMac from scratch to 10.8.2. bootcamp better freaking working work after all this.

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waiting for multiple hundred gig rsync’s to complete is really freaking dull

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♫ Have Yourself a Sweary Little Christmas – Amateur Transplantspoti.fi/V4890Lxify

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globalpersonals If you want to find a job helping people find love, take a look at our latest vacancies - bit.ly/HNbETe

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realrossnoble@simondonald: Is that a motor dolphin or one of those pedalolphins?”
I have both options its porpoise built.

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hey @andrewgarner, you use alfred and power pack - is the power pack with the money?

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@drewm try @CrucialMemory from amazon - use the part number for a search. last time we did at work, and personally, it was cheaper also

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@justlanded thanks for the response. i’ve emailed you.

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hey @justlanded i’d installed the app here in the uk but now it doesn’t work and isn’t in the app store - why’s it gone??

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poor little fellas - bring back the lemmings! bbc.co.uk/nature/20468224k

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well that’s tonight’s plan shot. imac rebuilt moved until tomorrow. dammit.

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hey @mariadb if i’ve got a bunch of percona 5.5 master/slave servers already can i replace a slave with mariadb to test it out?

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just had an awesome first @WaterBabies class. Sullivan loved it and didn’t care at all underwater. proper amphibian reaction with giggles.

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can anyone recommend something free to create a basic store/cart that’s backed just by a basic paypal account?

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my damn apple trackpad keeps unsyncing itself. deleted, added, still buggering about - very annoying.

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hey @Sarah_Iles that’s another fish with a tool on its head

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@lisaphillips thanks for chat on updates, schema changes & monitoring if you do ever look at osc w/ master slave watch out for it’s triggers

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apparently @boffbowsh wants a cheaper fare or as it sounds a cheap affair.

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@lisaphillips was a great talk, lot of interesting info, would be interested if you have any pointers on sql migrations. i’ll try find you.

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olek_p “Is there anything on the web that’s not broken and fucked up?” @brianleroux: “No. That’s why I drink.” Love that guy :)

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our own @keithclarkcouk just got a big up for cookie js hack by @brianleroux at in his preso

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“this is xcode, it’s eclipse but look like itunes and it’s still slow” @brianleroux - awesome!

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obeattie @lisaphillips Great talk at … really enjoyed. Nice to see a “don’t fix it until its broke” approach when at serious scale.

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fatbusinessman “I am an ops guy: I’m allowed to swear.” -@lisaphillipss

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the redis talk at by @peterc is really good - learnt some stuff that it can do and that it’s going to do soon

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petehotchkiss Interesting. Redis example apps include Piterest and (off all things) a certain adult site with a similar name to YouTube

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lizconlan Hmm . Looks like @bkeepers is enjoying some of the quirks of British-English pic.twitter.com/Zz1B8mCL

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“i don’t really understand ruby enough to know what : | does, but, whatever” - amen to that! cc/ @roder

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at the conference and chatting to @MongoDB. Looks really interesting and something to investigate.

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the mic doesn’t work, you have to press on

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first talk on mongodb… away we go

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petehotchkiss these guys have got internet connection @ conferences locked down. Working WiFi AND power & Ethernet ports under every seat

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at the station heading to with @timblair @mmazour and @boffbowsh

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have to be up in less than 6.5 hours, brain buzzing, all evening working - not what I needed!

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thanks to Adam @YodelOnline for finally getting my parcel delivered!

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@YodelOnline i have an hdnl delivery that’s late… any light you can shed on it would be great!

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ah lovely. once again my hdnl / @YodelOnline delivery with prime is a day late. hope it turns up today! cc/ @AmazonUK

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did an airport run this morning. means early in office and mcd brekkie! pic.twitter.com/nfsumrxee

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@MelKirk setup a shortcut that changes zzz to xxx. might explode though!

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would like to thanks @rackspaceUK for my track & field challenge lanyard… next time send the xbox ;)

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thesambarnes BREAKING: X Factor fans shocked at public choosing vacuous TOWIE-types over better singers. All will watch again next week.

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has restored balance to the universe. the biscuit box is full again. pic.twitter.com/oeb7m1xFF

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watching Bruce do gangnam style is disturbing. time to change channel.

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the new sky hub couldn’t look like and be packaged any more like a mac if it tried! works though which is the main thing.

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DeathStarPR ❒ Team Edward
❒ Team Jacob
✔ Team Thank God It’s Almost Over

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is completely unsurprised our overpaid pre-madonna swearing national football team lost, again.

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@RealBradHaverly @agit8or @boffbowsh @TheGhoti guys the jokes are getting dry. I think we’ve blown it

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@boffbowsh @TheGhoti @RealBradHaverly doesn’t normally rise to it. least not with company. he just washes it off.

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Please donate so my Mo may grow: mobro.co/ianwinter81v - don’t let the monkey tail be for nothing!pic.twitter.com/mDtpW5kBkB

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it has to be a tache not a beard so here’s the monkey tail style pic.twitter.com/mDtpW5kBB

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@martingoode CPU, load and average query times. rock and roll.

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had an evening of beer, pizza and watching a graph stay flat as freaking pancake. speaking if which, I want pancakes now.

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eventually managed to order a sky hub. wasn’t easy though. website doesn’t work, tech support couldn’t, eventually sales did

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i’m going to do it. watch this space..themonkeytail.comCCr

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@jasonkneen hardened = needs to get out more and not live with his mom? ;)

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amazingly @skyhd telling me to try the same website link over & over when it doesn’t work won’t help - i’m trying to give you money!

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@WheresWardy you’re assuming it lasts until next week. @boffbowsh neysayer. get back to your ball and men in padding.

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is very tempted to convert this to a monkey tail pic.twitter.com/r2C592zxx

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had a successful trip to the nct sale.

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would like sully to go back to sleep now. I’m awake so may as well work, right, fixed the issue though.

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is going to bed. feel like shit.

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@agit8or yup. better than your singing i suspect ;)

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@neilmiddleton rocket. rabbit hutch. car. kaleidoscope. catapult. website for rating moustaches.

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in other news i need a new office chair. mine is damn uncomfortable having sat on it for nearly 5 hours!

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These have cost you your strength. Victory has defeated you.

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i think @Schofe needs to be fired. it’s simply inappropriate! the case needs investigating but that’s the wrong way to go about it

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@barryf try stop all - may still encourage them to send you more crap though!

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ThreeUKSupport If you are on @ThreeUK and get a SMS asking you about upgrades and to log into a site ending .pl, please don’t - it’s a phishing site.

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@Timato_: Pen cutlery. YES! twitpic.com/bbeq40K” - i need these in my life

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had delivery this morning at home. by delivery i mean something left on front lawn with a small note through letter box

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on the flip side of scum bag fraudster’s did automatically pick it up and call me.

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fucking credit card fraud. now have no credit card for 5 days. boo.

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@andrewscrivener my response won’t be polite :) did you restart apache? also, i normally have a global include so set it there as well.

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@TheGhoti I wanna shoo-oo-woo-woo-woo-oot the whole day down

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the things you find when cleaning out your underwear drawer pic.twitter.com/F5jGi8q11

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is having Sully helping with recycling pic.twitter.com/ssnXKHH11

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isn’t sure if costco.co.ukn now doing online shopping is a good think. handy for sure!

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@Emilie13 is that a use before, display before or best before date? ;)

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@martingoode do they have anything in common, like say, boobs & low cut tops? not sure i’d work if i show them my balding head cc/ @MelKirk

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uk_domain_names Nominet not planning to tell existing .co.uk registrants about potential imminent launch of .uk because they claim it’s a “new” product.

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nstanley If you use a .co.uk domain name you MUST read this. Please RT mydomainnames.co.uk

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all this football abuse stuff is daft. every single player swears & hurls abuse at each other & officials, all on tv, will the league close?

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