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November 29th, 2012

@tomgiddings omg that has to be a euphemism. @grayhaze would have been arrested for being too excitable!

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@FrancescaHeath @MelKirk northeast indian. where the tigers live.

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@Timato_ bed time movie fun… are lots of porno’s bluray now then ;)

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once again, evening plans ruined.

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27 minutes in and i now have 2 problems instead of one and going backwards. glad i’m not paying for this damn phone call.

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@jennalou_k i’m not sure i would. his dancing? eek!

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i think @boffbowsh loved it really, jumping around with his hands up in the air cc/ @jennalou_k

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some people really get my goat. if i had a goat that is. if i did have a goat, and it got got, i’d be annoyed. goat out.

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