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November 23rd, 2012

hey @Sarah_Iles that’s another fish with a tool on its head

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@lisaphillips thanks for chat on updates, schema changes & monitoring if you do ever look at osc w/ master slave watch out for it’s triggers

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apparently @boffbowsh wants a cheaper fare or as it sounds a cheap affair.

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@lisaphillips was a great talk, lot of interesting info, would be interested if you have any pointers on sql migrations. i’ll try find you.

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olek_p “Is there anything on the web that’s not broken and fucked up?” @brianleroux: “No. That’s why I drink.” Love that guy :)

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our own @keithclarkcouk just got a big up for cookie js hack by @brianleroux at in his preso

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“this is xcode, it’s eclipse but look like itunes and it’s still slow” @brianleroux - awesome!

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obeattie @lisaphillips Great talk at … really enjoyed. Nice to see a “don’t fix it until its broke” approach when at serious scale.

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fatbusinessman “I am an ops guy: I’m allowed to swear.” -@lisaphillipss

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the redis talk at by @peterc is really good - learnt some stuff that it can do and that it’s going to do soon

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petehotchkiss Interesting. Redis example apps include Piterest and (off all things) a certain adult site with a similar name to YouTube

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lizconlan Hmm . Looks like @bkeepers is enjoying some of the quirks of British-English pic.twitter.com/Zz1B8mCL

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“i don’t really understand ruby enough to know what : | does, but, whatever” - amen to that! cc/ @roder

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at the conference and chatting to @MongoDB. Looks really interesting and something to investigate.

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the mic doesn’t work, you have to press on

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first talk on mongodb… away we go

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petehotchkiss these guys have got internet connection @ conferences locked down. Working WiFi AND power & Ethernet ports under every seat

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at the station heading to with @timblair @mmazour and @boffbowsh

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have to be up in less than 6.5 hours, brain buzzing, all evening working - not what I needed!

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