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August 2017

majorhayden “Everyone has a plan ‘till they get punched in the PCI compliance.”

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RT @letsencrypt: Per @Firefox Telemetry, more than 60% HTTPS page loads is now the norm! https://t.co/TtmkMvuDQA https://t.co/BmyQ49DIim

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RT @majorhayden: When disaster strikes, Texans help. They don’t focus on themselves. Our president doesn’t get it.

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globalsign Just over 1 month left till start marking non websites as ‘not secure’ > okt.to/p5sK6j pic.twitter.com/NmCp1yTfbC

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sitting waiting for tyres to be fitted and have learnt Mercedes drivers can’t afford socks. 3 from 3 in boat/slip on shoes and no socks.

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holiday nearly over 😞 last stop, one nig@HolidayInnInn YYZ ðŸ‡pic.twitter.com/1raEARTV9o://t.co/1raEARTV9o

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today’s #craft #thunderbay tastes are @MuskokaBrewery mad tom & @GreatLakesBeer pompous ass, like me 😀🇬🇧🇨🇦🍻 https://t.co/KxfdCoVleH

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@ianwinter Oh I know I meant to get those details to you.

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@ianwinter I have a godaddy account would you transfer it over if I PayPal you the renewal cost?

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another reason not to use them, if you really needed more. i’ve been moving at renewal date only a few left to go! https://t.co/1SYyjfVB4y

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drinking @sleepgiantbrew #selfie and it’s good!! @BrewHaFestival note canucks, England rugby top is Canterbury but… https://t.co/BMJiqkSXTg

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jumping the giant. ignore the stupid facial expression!! ðŸbapic.twitter.com/ywb06F40zj0zj

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mid morning snack, a Thunder Bay classic, the Persian. later @BrewHaFestival for more beer sampling. pic.twitter.com/AYnvr77jPV

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@majorhayden We all miss it. We miss the normal grown up ones too.

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achievement unlocked. @MontanasBBQ chicken, bacon, maple & waffle burger along with another @sleepgiantbrew tried 💍… https://t.co/7FrqMfqFGp

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man vs cow before and after. washed down with some @sleepgiantbrew northern logger pic.twitter.com/5Fs4Di2m9s

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a few days on the #canadian #craft taste testing, whilst I’m here was @sleepgiantbrew Northern Logger & it’s v. goo… https://t.co/0Hf3bf9vN1

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today’s @LakeofBaysTwp 5.2% taste test - not like chai tea but it’s good! pic.twitter.com/LHUPAR86tb

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