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June 2015

MrDDyer Lionesses are always more powerful than the lion….

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jessenoller Apparently if you put “sith lord” as “relationship to patient” the pediatric urgent care will make you redo the paperwork

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Toronto airport had come a long way, to reality that is. Free wifi and free carts.

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banks really aren’t very useful any more. couldn’t even get 100 CAD from @NatWest_Help - it’s ordered but still not a lot of cash to ask for

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the irony of installing a module to uninstall a module, and installing another module to find if a module’s installed

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The 5k Retina #iMac is the Ferrari of Computers, and I want to win it. Enter here… https://t.co/YHMR3cDETt via @StackSocial

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@Haribocheeks pretty sure you could buy the Corsa from @Avis for £200

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great marketing by @Redbullairrace and @Ascot - shame I can’t drink it pic.twitter.com/DFvMawFeAZZ

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RT @HugoGiraudel: There is this guy who illustrated the 300+ subway stations from Paris with Git branches: https://t.co/2T8YOsJZtD.

I don’…

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@boffbowsh seems i need to learn how to use git :( all fixed now

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thank yoda, as God doesn’t exist, for 4g

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@innocent it’s a bit more firm on the jaffa cake debate, though, in the first 6 words mentions biscuit “Jaffa Cakes are biscuit-sized cakes”

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@innocent apparently wikipedia thinks it’s both “Twister is an ice cream lollipop on a stick” https://t.co/3M2np8PvVW

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@TheGhoti loving the bug and quick reference :)

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@nstanley if you natter something and copy to twitter with a photo, the photo doesn’t go with it. that’d be a good addition

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MovemberUK Words from a man with a mighty moustache about getting stuff done. @Nick_Offerman pic.twitter.com/qoa20ldxGl

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@keithclarkcouk me as well, let I have a job and have had from less than a month after finishing a-levels. interesting.

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