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July 2012

@JimTheBaggie i suspect that @CharlotteAysh might not be best pleased and that’s putting in nicely

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@ian_winter may have infact been judo, either way - they won

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has Canada vs USA wrestling on in the background. Canada just won by the looks of it

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so on the olympic coverage we keep seeing the big red helta skelta type thing outside the stadium… what is it?e12

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i’m a Canadian wrestler apparently! @TheGhoti - what are you? bbc.in/PhSN5go”

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needs to buy a lottery ticket

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@Loud_one fascinated? i’m sure that’s not the real word you’re after

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@TheGhoti biggest thing i noticed was loads and loads of buses! traffic was heavier but not too much worse. queued from middle gate.

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has too much choice. 24 BBC hd Olympic channels and f1. When in doubt watch the ladies in bikinis.

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can’t someone cut him off, you know, like a curfew. this is way past 11:30.

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the only way this sad song will be better is when it stops. i guess that’s not fair, but, you can only sing this drunk & shout. nah nah nah

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oh ffs they had to wheel him out

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so those who compared the landscape to lord of rings, well, that’s pretty much like the beacons they lit. very cool mind you.

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@boffbowsh the guy with the cd won’t turn up anyway

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champion of the earth - now that’s a job title

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lexx2099 The Queen should light the flame- she’s the only one that’s Corgi registered.

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simon180 ET!

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you’ve got armani for the italians, ralph lauren for the us & the half of the team bothered & not in portugal get’s gold shiny hoodies

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doesn’t want to piss of the samoans. ever.

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in other news both jenn and i really want a fat little corgi!

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so far there’s about 3 countries i’ve never heard of

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@Adamrneale according to wikipedia english and french are the olympic movement official languages. it’s wikipedia, must be true

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RT @grayhaze: Charles and Camilla wetting themselves laughing at all the commoners below while someone important uses the wrong wave to …

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drewm Look, China. OUR CHILD SINGS.

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chriswidner Happy Sysadmin Day to those who get paged at 3am to keep the networks alive.

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wld Today, we had a Bake Sale in aid of Thames Hospicecare. Look at this lot! yfrog.com/h3z3doesj

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stephenfry Pops head up quickly: complete vindication and victory for Paul Chambers in . Well done @DavidAllenGreen and team. Bye!

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if Mitt Romney doesn’t like it here then the obvious thing to do is to p*ss off back over the pond - we won’t miss you

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â@LDNDN: Fingers crossed this is just a joke!LDN.in/yJccfQLfQ” - I kinda hope that’s real, gonna make for some hilarious twitpics!

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anybody fancy designing me a custom carton style owl for my new website?

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@gglover2 take photos for use in future blackmail purposes cc/ @MelKirk

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isn’t sure of the point of @GAOTG as the basic advise in all situations is don’t travel. avoid trains, buses &roads. no ticket = screw you.

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globalpersonals Great to be on board! MT @ProudToBeHiring: A big and warm welcome to @globalpersonals. It’s great to have you on board! bit.ly/IHv8uj

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thinks my cold and lack of sleep has transported me to a parallel dimension. there’s sun in this one and it’s reasonable warm.

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really don’t want to get sick - can’t bear the thought of giving this crap to sullivan! feel shocking at the moment so not a good start.

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MelKirk Amazing product placement by Sainsburys & 50 Shades of Grey (HT @DoronSalomon) pic.twitter.com/jP0Bxyvl

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@clearjanuary you know that’s a greenpeace hoax right?

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wonders if @rackspaceemea know that my.rackspace.comu is dodgy around again open ticket fails, login randomly rails, view ticket fails

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just got asked my Jenn off the back of a bunch of ebay purchases “are beads cooler if they come from dragons?” … erm yeah!

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JammyTheC GIRLS! To make up for all of today’s geekery, have this hilarious commentary of a couple’s breakup on a train: tinyurl.com/dxdgclm

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@grantbunyan that’s on my list. so far the list is a 12c spyder, range/disco and an s4 avant

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would like to send a Word Up whilst getting Delirious with Mr Wendal in Funkytown rocking a Buffalo Stance.

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i think penguins would feel more at home in the office today than humans. freaking cold!

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@rackerhacker it’s got an owl for a logo - that’s enough to get me to try it! cc/ @jimeh @YoruFukurou

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agit8or Reckon you could run Analytics for a global dating company, based in Windsor? You should DM me, we have the role for you!!

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@MelissaThompson turn off 3G (Settings>General>Network) on iPhone & apparently it works - or switch to @ThreeUK like I did! @O2 don’t care

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@boffbowsh i tried @BBCr4today and @absoluteradio this morning - not sure, probably will be r4 as they adverts on absolute annoyed me

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needs a new breakfast show to listen to now @ChrisMoylesShow is off and the @BBCR1 think at 30 I’m to old and don’t want me to listen

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just used the word mitigated in a comment on some code. it’s all downhill when the word length & complexity increases

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@barryf i’d tried Genius Scan briefly as well - think it probably does pretty much the same deal

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@nathanpitman wow - you going for tallest building in berkshire award?

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is listen to my bro-in-law @trevorpotts0’s new music on reverbnation - so far, i like it! https://t.co/MFZOHOxT #newmusic

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would like to thank @sagepay for the package I just received pic.twitter.com/rfov1t9bb

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isn’t happy @CHRISDJMOYLES is leaving @BBCR1. i hope it’s not scott mills that takes over or i’m going to need a new breakfast show!

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@Haribocheeks even more so if you follow the rule: if the sun’s up, you can drink. remember it’s 5:30 somewhere, right now, Brisbane :)

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@Haribocheeks may as well go get mcdonald’s then a cheeky glass of vino for lunch as well. go all out :)

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@RussMichaels i know that, but, i don’t want it. no benefit. the new eula screws you over for cf10 as well, all about profiterring

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would like to point out to @Adobe that your license model is terrible for ColdFusion. i don’t want cf10 - simple - let me buy 9!!!

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@jasonkneen it’ll be on the news… a month’s worth of rain in a day :)

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really needs to sort my website out

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@MelKirk how long do bikini’s take to pack? isn’t that all women wear on the white isle?

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@bruntonspall delete it and disinfect your keyboard immediately :)

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EmilyBrinnand This has made my day. The guy from Up actually exists: pic.twitter.com/cjGU8hGB

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has had Jenn asked whilst watching bbc what’s that bug furry thing collection paper… it’s a womble they live in Wimbledon!!

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@easyjo aren’t you supposed to be cycling? cheat :p

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@drewm yes and no. my box was broken for about an hour. when you’re up the middle of night baby feeding dead tv isn’t fun! :) it is nice tho

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@drewm would have been nice to have some notice though. mine went about a week ago cc/ @nathanpitman

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is listening to canadian radio and just heard when promoting “soccer” the tag line - “the first goal is having fun” - made me laugh

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needs a bigger drink now. nice cold ruined dinner as well.

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needs a ****ing drink

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@MelKirk at first glance i didn’t think that was a microphone!

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has just been told about @rockabyebaby by @JammyTheC and is now making a mix tape from the @AmazonUK mp3 store… awesome!

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has got the best super soft baby blanket ever as a present for sully for Coleen… It rolls up and is an owl!!! pic.twitter.com/eMcxXoP11

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@nathanpitman let’s be honest, i’m not sure he’s your builder :) at least he’s not drinking a cup of tea and he’s doing some work

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@trevorpotts0 can i get an mp3 copy, or mail a disc old skool style :)

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FergusCraig Just bought some distressed jeans. Trying to calm them down. Think they might have just been in a car accident.

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might have fixed a really really freaking annoying CF JDBC issue with the hit it with a bloody big hammer approach. we’ll see.

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@willcarling quick twitter search, apparently a vehicle fire at J4 if that was near you

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@Haribocheeks it’s an amazing feeling. @Loud_one has done one, i’ve done two… get on with it!

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@drewm their idea of a safe place was throwing my aerosol of BBQ paint over my 6’ high side gate in 22C heat last week @YodelOnline

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@dylanbeattie you could look at stated & graphite, @etsy use it with great success https://t.co/g0Z7yorp cc/ @lallyd

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is very impressed with the new @CotswoldOutdoor in Windsor although I do fear for @timblair’s credit card based on his recent text to me!

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RT @AndyJ: The Star Wars That I Used To Know: https://t.co/LnXZPhIU #starwars

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@easyjo ah yes hours of fun. inline replace -i ” is your friend.

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@domisatwit never too early to think about it. always know where, when and what your next meal is. just in case =D

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