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November 20th, 2011

finally got around to registering my shell drivers club card. wait over 2 hours for password email & now 48 hours to view my balanfail

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@Loud_one tweet overlap… shaking it all about, that makes my stripper comment even more apt!

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@Loud_one there are words “stripper dress”, or, “how much love?”

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by letting Amelia Lily through they just make the whole show pointless. you can be in, then out, then in… how’s that competition?

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@AdrianPoynton i’m very well, now. took me a while to reply, had to get help from someone to read the tweet being blind & only coming to =D

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@andrewscrivener impressed, or, really a little terrified he both knows your name and has investigated it. i’m leaning more towards stalker.

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I’ve donated my face ter & men’s health, pls give so it mauk.movember.com/donate//MboTRpQy - come on folks… it’s only once a year =D

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is in need of some ipad app recommendations for note taking, project planning etc. i’m looking at you @jasonkneen &a@thesambarnesrnes

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