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September 26th, 2014

climagic host -t txt istheinternetonfire.com # Handy command to help you decide if you should panic by @jschauma. Thx IgorBrigadir

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@MelKirk do your laundry more often then the briefs can be put away

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amusing that @SagePay_UK removed their tweet saying they weren’t at risk from shellshock ‘cause they don’t run linux.

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@trevorpotts0 “11.3.2 Perform internal penetration….”

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@DrHeebie heym 8.0.2 which came out today seems “safe” - have upgraded my 5s with no issues

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@rossiter_fiona pretty sure you’ve been hacked. this is the third one of these in three days :)

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following on from @thesambarnes legendary (read, mad) cat shoe purchase i had a quick search - kinda like these: office.co.uk/view/product/o…o

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is currently searching a document for “penetration”…

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it seems @Memset_Ltd where so shellshocked they couldn’t make their mailing list work “Dear <CUSTOMERNAME>,”

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@benlovell hmm, good question. try walking into a wall. if you go through, you’re a ghost.

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